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You will find Swiss Watches offered with box and papers and you will find watches offered with box, papers, cleaning cloths, accessories, and much more. These Red rolex submariner watches may be the latter. The timepiece the thing is here includes everything, the awesome anchor and various hang tags initially offered with this particular rare reference. Here, you'll find all of the characteristics of the Mark V dial, beginning having a serial number that falls within the correct range for this kind of dial. Furthermore, the dial features the Rolex crown using the correct elongated base and also the almost-closed number 6 within the depth rating, the main characteristics of the original Mark V dial. Another factor to notice may be the incredible condition from the case. It seems to possess never been touched with very fat lugs and sharp edges. Those Red Submariner Watches are the best things for any true top-tier collector. There can be cheaper Red Subs available, however, there are no better Red Subs available.


It’s possible to only describe this Swiss Rolex Submariner to be in exceptional, honest condition. The cases of the rolex watches are amazingly crisp with fat and unpolished lugs. The timepiece has some light scuffs overall from some light put on, but nothing of interest. The dial has wealthy, warm patina and also the indexes and hands match colored. This Rolex watch is a superb illustration of exactly what a great vintage Rolex Submariner need to look like.


The "Submariner" is among the most coveted Vintage Rolex models, on the planet. The main one we found for you personally is within original and untouched condition, and it is filled with box and papers (plus original accessories!).


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